Flash Mob Brexit Protest to be Held During London Marathon?

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Brexiteer groups have been protesting across the country, but are getting growingly concerned about the level of media blackout from the main media organisations.

It has been claimed that the reason for the lack of national awareness and reporting of protests is due to media having been issued with DSMA-Notices.

A DSMA-Notice (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security.

Protesters have also not taken well to the level of police presence and notices being handed out which they believe have prohibited their ability to peacefully protest by splitting groups and redirecting them to different locations in order to not convene in large groups.

One group posts on their Facebook page after a London protest on 13th April:

“Good job knife crime ain’t a problem in London. Bloody joke the amount the amount of police protecting the elite in London today”

This large ‘Leave’ protest took place on Saturday 13th April but received no mainstream media coverage, however, coverage was in place for the Soldier F protest the previous day as well as the Environmental protests.

Photo: March for England
Photo: Howard Briden
Photo: Howard Briden

After all the frustration from the police control and media blackout, one group is now looking to target the London Marathon next weekend with a ‘Flash Mob’ style protest at the end of the at Parliament Square on the 28th April at 12pm.

The organisers have posted:

“Peaceful protest on same day as the marathon, near the end of the race, at roughly the time they finish, we all look normal crowd members, no flags etc, when the whistle sounds, flags out, singing ‘we want our country back’ 😆 let’s see them put a news blackout on us then, WORLD CAMERAS ON US”

The group say that there will be no dancing like typical flash mobs, simply putting on of yellow vests, waving flags and chanting

It is also believed that additional protesting and marching will be taking place between Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square in a similar timeframe.

Whilst there has been a lot of anger within groups on Social Media about media blackouts, groups are beginning to be shut down on Facebook due to allegations of their right wing affiliations.

Many of these organisers, however, claim that the protests they are organising are completely peaceful and are being carried out due to the lack of democracy within the country following the latest Brexit extensions. They are simply regular members of the public who are shocked at what is happening within the government.

Protest groups are now starting to move their coordination efforts to other platforms such as Telegram and MeWe in order to avoid being shut down and prevented to organise future protests.

Are you going to be attending the London Marthon next Sunday? – keep an eye out to see if the Flash Mob protest takes place.

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