Police officers issue warning after recent distraction burglaries

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Police officers are issuing a warning to the public following a spate of distraction burglaries that have taken place across Northamptonshire.

One of the incidents happened on Wednesday, May 8, in Kane Walk, Corby, between 12.20pm and 12.50pm, when a man knocked on a door in the area and pretended to be from the water board. Once inside a quantity of cash was stolen from the homeowner.

Another incident happened on the same day (Wednesday, May 8) in Tarrant Way, Moulton, between 9.40pm and 10pm, when a man rang the doorbell of a house in the area and distracted the owner before stealing cash and cards.

DC Sam Lyman from the Northamptonshire Police Burglary Team, said: “Many of these distraction burglaries are being committed by people pretending to be from the water board or similar trusted companies.

“Our advice is simple – unless you’re expecting someone as part of a pre-planned appointment, don’t feel the need to open the door to anyone.

“If someone is genuinely from the water board or a similar organisation they will be more than happy to show you identification or come back another time. Call the company to check and if you feel threatened then call the police immediately.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage people with elderly relatives to make them aware of this spate of crimes so that they are vigilant to anyone who may try and take advantage of them.”


For crime prevention advice, please visit: www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention

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