What is Northamptonshire Voice?

Northamptonshire Voice is an online community based website, collating published information from various sources and making them available to you.  If you have something that you want to share out across the community, please feel free to get in touch here or on one of our social media sites and we can put it up for discussion.

Note: Northamptonshire Voice has no affiliation with either the Police or the Voice Northants service. If you are looking for a free, confidential support service for victims and witnesses of crime please head on over to voicenorthants.org, email voice@northants.pnn.police.uk or call 0300 303 1965

The power of social media is incredible and over the years we have observed how this can be extended to communities in order to help ensure that information is freely available and that views and local opinion can be shared without being in isolation of one another.

Northamptonshire Voice enables a platform for you to share your own content and express your views to the community.  Anything published is shared over multiple social media channels with the ability to grow the website to new channels in the future as technology changes.

Northamptonshire Voice is all about giving back to the community and is not ran for profit.

What do we offer?

  • Sharing of local, national and international press releases
  • Free re-posting service of local information or messages 
  • An events calendar with free entry to submit an event listing
  • Publicising of local charity information or fundraising events

How can I be sure that your content will not become malicious?

We only have a few rules that we follow in terms of what we allow as user posted content:

  • No use of profanity
  • No negative messages that target individuals (positive ones allowed)
  • We won’t put up messages from people asking for jobs (check the job listings page)
  • We won’t put up messages from people asking for housing / house swaps
  • We won’t put up messages if you have something to sell or looking for something to buy

Are all posts put up anonymously?

Here at Northamptonshire Voice we don’t believe in total Anonymity in ‘re-posting’. We think that writing views anonymously is an easy thing to do and can hurt the community rather than helping it.

We’ve found that many comments don’t actually warrant being ‘anonymous’ in the first place.

This is why by default, if you send us a message to re-post we will include your name (we think that this encourages people to think about what they are saying, and perhaps say things in a more appropriate way). This is about having YOUR voice heard.

However, we will still offer anonymous posts if requested. Simply start or end your message with ‘anon’ and we’ll make sure your name isn’t included

What types of general messages can I re-post?

We’ve given you a flavor of some of the categories that we see quite often:

  • Thank you messages
  • Asking for information about a local service that can’t be found online through a search engine
  • Awareness of a local incident / road closure
  • Appeals for information
  • Expression of a view on something that affects them locally
  • Lost cats / dogs (we have helped find plenty of both)

How do I message you?

  1. You can send us a private message through one of our Facebook pages
  2. You can message us through the website by clicking here
  3. You can email us:  admin@northantsvoice.co.uk