Pay it Forward Initiative

Local business promotion is something that we haven’t been able to find a good solution for so far. Too many adverts to our social media sites can leave people feeling spammed and too little advertising can lead to local businesses feeling unsupported.

Northamptonshire Voice is now introducing a new ‘Pay it Forward’ advertising concept.

Increasing your business reach doesn’t come cheap; you’ll likely to pay anything from 11p to several £ for a single click or like if you advertise with companies like Facebook and Google directly.

Many hours are spent every day running Northamptonshire Voice and none of it is done for profit on our end.

Using our social media reach we can embed adverts into our website posts that will be seen by our readers

We want to support local businesses but if you’re making money as a result of it, we think it would be great if you could pay some of that forward back into the local community (If you’re already doing this then just let us know how).

So going forward this is how it will work:

Step 1: Pay it Forward

Method A

Just do something nice for the local community and let us know what it was. It could be something as simple as helping someone cross the road

Method B

Donate an amount to one of the many local groups either from the below list or something you may already be aware of and let us know

WhereWhoTarget AmountRaising Money ForFurther Info
RaundsWindmill Primary School (RWSA) & The Firefighters Charity£1,500Windmill to the Sea Charity Bike RideJust Giving Page
RaundsA Different Direction Choir£1,000Help send the choir to Carnegie Hall in March 2019Go Fund Me Page

(if you are a local group/charity get in touch to add your fundraiser to the above table)

Method C

Donate an amount directly to us using the form below. We will keep the money in our community pot and use it to pay it forward ourselves

How much should I donate? – Using our donation form, any amount over 50p would be great.

We would like to highlight that whilst the majority of the operating costs are currently covered by other advertising methods, money in this pot could potentially be used for run or development costs in order to enhance how much we can give back ourselves.

Pay it Forward Donation
Processing ...

Step 2: Send us details of what you want to advertise

Please do not share a post directly yourself; it will still be removed.

Send us what you want to share and we’ll determine the best format. This may be a static ad on our site for a period of time or a full page article. Make sure you let us know details of how you paid this deed forward

How to send details:

  • Email to
  • Message through our Facebook Page

We will aim to include details of your donation or your ‘Pay it Forward’ method with what ever we put up for you.

Non-Profit Organisations

Please continue to send us your events or causes; there is no need to provide any donation.

However, we would like to create a page which contains all local fundraising details to point advertisers to from this page

Get in touch with your causes and we’ll collate those details going forward


Are you charging for advertising? – No, there doesn’t need to be any money involved although it would be awesome to see a donation to a local cause being made!

Are you charging for posting to Social Media? – No, as above, we’re not actually charging anywhere. But to be clear, the advertising is all carried out on the Northamptonshire Voice website, and not as a social media post

If I donate what will the money go on? – If you donate to us, then money may be spent on website run costs or new developments, but where possible it will be used to give back to the community. This could be to one of the local causes or even as a competition ‘give away’ to our readers.